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5 Unique Keyword Sources To Boost Your Site Ranking

by Faisal
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As a website blogger, you’re always looking for ways to boost your site ranking. And one of the quickest and easiest ways to do that is by finding new and unique sources of keyword data.
Luckily, there are plenty of online tools and resources available to help you do just that. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favourites with you. So read on and start boosting your site ranking today!

We can help you find the best SEO keywords for your market. We’ll navigate through five less-explored paths so that we don’t miss anything important!

In the SEO world, there is always a lot of competition for keywords and top Google spots. To succeed in this industry you must be willing to work hard but not necessarily enjoy your job because it takes up so much time! Here I will guide us through 5 less explored paths that can help locate valuable opportunities within our marketplaces with more success than before:

1. Internal site search exploring

You can use competitor websites as research tools for keywords. If you and your competitors have some overlap in the audience, then it would make sense to explore what terms they might be searching on when their site is accessed by someone else looking at the page via Google or another search engine’s results page (SERP). Here’s how: Visit one of these sites; put yourself into that person’s shoes – pretend you’re them! Every business has its own website set up so some may provide suggested phrases while others don’t but all offer an opportunity to find out more information about products/services offered there.

To do effective SEO keyword research, you need to think like the audience.
After all, every company’s website is different so some may suggest keywords as you type in order for their viewers or readers to find what they’re looking for–just visit and explore your competitors’ sites with this mindset!

In this case, shell.com has “top searches” listed.

Attock Pertoleum

This is gives you insight into what their visitors want to find.

His insight into what their visitors want to find is a great way for you, as an entrepreneur or company owner looking at SEO opportunities. You can use these terms in your keyword research and see how high up on Google’s SERPs they rank so that we know if there are any potential holes in our strategy!

I’m sure you’re wondering how this site is positioning itself to its audience, right? You’ll get more insights by asking yourself these questions.

What keywords keep coming up on the page and where does each one fit into that whole process of getting someone from their first impression (which might not even include any text) all throughout our sales funnel until they finally buy something or perform some other action that changes everything!

As you explore the rest of this site, think about how it’s positioning itself to its audience. What keywords keep coming up? Where is their funneling happening and what do those words mean for them as a business owner or customer in need!

2. Dive Into Keywords By Industry

In order to find high-value keywords that are relevant and strong, you need a fresh set of eyes on the data. Fresh information can give you an edge over your competitors by identifying which terms have been successful in attracting users before they were even hyped as much (or at all).

Keywords are influenced by events, trends, and other factors that occur in an industry. These include new product releases from brands within your particular field as well as news stories about relevant topics like holidays or economic conditions affecting consumers’ spending habits across all industries globally. To find out more high-value keywords you should keep up with what’s happening around town!

Similarweb’s Digital Marketing Intelligence gives you a bird’ eye view of what is happening with your keywords and competitors. With the last 28 days filter, see which trending terms or newly popular ones have been driving traffic in recent months! Then sort by descending percent chance to get an idea who those big movers might be for this industry as well as insights into their increased popularity among consumers searching online recently.

With Similarweb, you can easily track the latest keyword trends and see which terms drive traffic in your industry. You’ll be able to sort by descending visits or percent change so that all major movements are revealed for any given month! Plus–newly trending searches will also get a space on this list too; it’s a great way of staying up-to-date with what people want from their search engines without having thousands upon thousand pages full entry after entry about nothing but rinse repeat (we know right).

Pro Tip:

Want to find new keywords for your blog? You might not have thought of the perfect keyword yet, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Filter by “newly discovered” and see what kinds of searches didn’t make it into our algorithms last month–these are potential goldmines from which we can extract traffic for free (or at least very cheaply).

There are a lot of talks these days about anchor text and how it can be used as an SEO ranking factor. But what exactly is “anchor” content? In short, it’s any piece written by someone other than the site owner that discusses their product or service–and links back to them! This includes things like descriptions on pages linked from Google Shopping listings (which will show up under sponsored), blog posts linking out directly toward another website article while mentioning something specific within its body; even comments made beneath relevant post photos could qualify if they pertain tightly enough around whatever topic we’re.

Not only does Google rank pages based on their text content, but they also look at how often those words appear in other websites’ SEO rankings. This means that if you want your website to show up for someone searching online about “games,” then it’s best not just focus all of your promotional efforts towards ranking high-up within these searches–you should include terms like ‘games,’ or anything related so as long as there are some matches available.

Pro Tip:

Keyword research is a tricky business. You may find yourself exploring new territory with terms you thought were limiting, but have discovered are actually more relevant than before!

4. Venture Beyond Google’s Data

Keywords are important to every business, but they can be even more vital when you’re looking for new customers. In order not overlook any potential keywords or their associated data points from Amazon and YouTube search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s best that we explore them in tandem with Google first so as not miss anything essential!

Nowadays, people turn to different search engines for their needs. For example you might use Google when looking up product prices or information on the newest movie release but Amazon if there’s something specific that catches your eye at any given moment – say an item by one of our favorite brands! Through uncovering keyword data and understanding what exactly these platforms mean in terms
When embarking upon a journey into identifying potential keywords (and phrases) it is important not only think outside(of)the box with traditional methods like SEO considerations; try adding new depths through innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & machine learning systems.

Search for keywords on Google, Amazon and YouTube to better understand your audience’s needs.
Using Similarweb you can get data from all three of the biggest search engines in our world – amazoncom google com as well as youtubeTV show times or upcoming movies coming out this week!

5. Dig Into Competitor Metadata

This is one of the most effective keyword research hacks because it allows you to see what keywords other sites are using in their titles. You can use this information for your own website and ask yourself, “What key words do I want my content on Google’s search engine results page (SERP)?”

Track Your Journey

You need an SEO strategy that will put you ahead of the competition and boost market share? Well, there’s no better way than using fresh techniques. And we’ve got just what you’re looking for!

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