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A couple in Bangalore earns $1.2 million a day selling samosas.

by Muhammad Mubashir
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Trending on India Today: It is never too late to pursue your aspirations and passions, as this Bangalore couple did. Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Veer Singh quit their high-paying careers and even sold their home to start selling samosas.

The notion might have been laughed at or frowned upon at first, but Nidhi and Shikhar are enjoying the last laugh as they smile their way to the bank. They are earning more than their occupations ever would have.

They quit their jobs in 2015 to launch Samosa Singh, a cuisine business in Bengaluru.

Shikhar had the notion to start a samosa business while he was still in college. Nidhi, on the other hand, advised him to pursue a career as a scientist. Shikhar was in a food court one day when he noticed a youngster crying for samosa. This reinforced his confidence that his instinct for a samosa company was correct, as it is one of the most popular Indian delicacies, according to Mint.

He subsequently left his job and relocated to Bengaluru to launch his firm. Samosa Singh’s menu is highly innovative, with a variety of out-of-the-box samosa alternatives such as kadhai paneer samosa, etc. The couple is now looking to expand their business.

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