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A nation where sleeping for $1500 (PKR 4.6 lacs) is considered work

by Noor Zaman
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In Spain, there is an annual competition with a modest but significant prize of about $1500 (or roughly PKR 4.6 lacs), which is greatly awaited by the participants.

In a busy mall outside of Madrid, Spain, participants lay on blue sofas while some were dressed in sleepers and others in ordinary clothes. Their objective? is to receive a $1500 award.

The first-ever worldwide sleeping competition, which took place in Spain in 2010, served as the inspiration for this unusual competition. Their main objective was to raise the public’s understanding of the benefits of power naps for weight loss and general wellness.

This wasn’t just any competition; it was the first-ever National Corona Championship, conducted in Spain to honor the nation’s long-standing tradition of taking naps during the day.

With the goal of protecting our bodies from the busy pace of modern life, the two-week competition takes place during siesta hours every year.

The main objective of this unique sport is to fall asleep for 20 minutes straight, a straightforward but thrilling challenge.

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