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About 19,000 citizens were robbed in 3 months in Karachi, signalling an increase in street crime.

by Faisal
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With over 19,000 people robbed in just the first three months of 2023, street crime in Karachi has been on the rise. The occurrences of motorcycles being taken and stolen under threat of violence have persisted unabated, disproving the exaggerated assertions of police officials. The residents of Karachi are now at the mercy of criminals due to the alarming increase in street crime.

More than 19,000 persons have lost access to their motorcycles, mobile phones, and vehicles, according to statistics made accessible to ARY News. Surprisingly, 34 people died as a result of resistance during these instances. According to the figures, over 7,000 street crimes were reported in January, 6,500 in February, and over 6,000 in March 2023.

Despite having access to CCTV evidence of numerous cases, the police have not been able to apprehend street criminals. Less than 5% of the stolen goods were recovered, indicating that their efforts to retrieve the seized treasures over several operations have been inadequate. The lack of response from the authorities has made Karachi’s residents feel vulnerable and unprotected.

The people has become very upset about the increase in street crimes. Residents in the city are now pleading with the government to take fast action to control the situation. To secure their safety on the streets, they are requesting more patrols and security measures. It is past time for the authorities to pay attention to the situation and come up with a thorough strategy to reduce street crime in Karachi. Failing to do so could exacerbate citizen anxiety and harm the city’s reputation further.

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