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Acer Announces World’s First E-Bike With AI

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The company is calling it the first ‘Smart Bike’ because it can learn how you ride and detect nearby hazards.

The ebii, manufactured by PC manufacturer Acer, is billed as the first smart bike in the world. The use of AI elements never before seen in an electric bike is how the firm bases that differentiation. It’s not just marketing speak; it also features GPS tracking, collision detection warnings, and an intelligent control box that adapts the level of help based on your riding style. As soon as you walk away, it automatically lock the bike using Bluetooth. You may remotely lock the bicycle and use GPS to locate it if it is moved while you are away. At least they won’t be able to ride off on it, but it won’t stop them from scooping it up and loading it onto a truck. Also, the bike unlocks as you get closer.

The ebii features a slick-looking single-sided fork and perimeter LED lighting. Credit: Acer

The ebii is a simplistic design with a lot of cutting-edge capabilities. Its single gear means you can never shift into a higher speed on straightaways or a lower gear on hills, which limits how fast it can go. According to Acer, the ebii only features a 250W hub motor and a modest top speed of 15 mph for an e-bike. We don’t believe a bicycle can travel more slowly than that. According to Electrek, that’s because of European and Asian speed limits, and Acer specifies 20 mph as the top speed further in the specifications, suggesting that the discrepancy may be related.

The ebii has a respectable range of 68 miles per charge, which is a plus. It has a quick 2.5-hour recharge time, and intriguingly, you can take the battery out and use it to charge other devices. It is imaginable for someone to take an e-bike to work and then remove the battery to run their laptop all day.

The ebii’s standout feature is how its “Intelligence” gradually learns how you ride. Although Acer doesn’t explain how it operates, it purportedly takes riding conditions into account to offer the right amount of support. You must manually choose the level of help the bike offers, such as level 1, 2, or 3, on the majority, if not all, modern e-bikes. Although the degree of help will be limited because the bike only has one gear and can go 15 miles per hour, it’s usually not difficult to reach that pace regardless of your physical condition.


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Because to its aluminium structure, it is also exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 35 pounds. E-bikes that are even remotely affordable typically use steel and are quite heavy, in part because of the enormous batteries they employ. It makes use of a single-sided fork to help with weight reduction. The bike’s control box, which regulates the riding aid, is housed inside the frame. It has perimeter LED illumination, which is distinctive.

The cost of the novel ebii and its potential availability on the US market are both unknowns. Even though the e-bike market is still young, many of the most popular models are simply conventional bikes with batteries attached. According to our knowledge, Acer has integrated smart technologies like auto-lock and GPS tracking for the first time. In the realm of e-scooters, pairing with a smartphone app is already quite prevalent, but not so much with e-bikes. Additionally, it creates a wealth of opportunities for firmware updates and new functionality. Although there aren’t any public reviews yet, it appears intriguing.

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