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AI Chatbot Finds Early Success in Microsoft’s Bing Searches

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  • Microsoft tests AI and chat functions in Bing and Edge browser
  • 71% of testers gave the AI-enhanced Bing answers thumbs up

Microsoft Corp. reported its initial findings after a week of testing new artificial intelligence additions to its Bing search engine with users from more than 169 countries.

The Redmond, Washington-based company said in a blog post on Wednesday that chat has proven to be a popular addition that has improved engagement and that 71% of testers have approved of AI-powered responses. Beyond specialized searches, people are utilizing the chat-enabled Bing “for the more general discovery of the world, and for social pleasure,” the business claimed.

The brand-new technology was created by Microsoft with the use of ChatGPT-like technology from OpenAI Inc., the company behind the insanely well-liked online chatbot. Microsoft is utilizing a tweaked and updated version of OpenAI’s GPT language models. Microsoft was an early supporter of OpenAI and recently invested an additional $10 billion into the company and strengthened their relationship. The chat integration’s goal is to provide more comprehensive responses in a more conversational setting.

According to Microsoft, there is still a lot of space for development. The software behemoth will treble the grounding data it gives to the model that generates responses for queries that demand a high degree of accuracy, such as financial reports. Additionally, Microsoft discovered that its chat AI struggled with conversations that included 15 or more queries. According to the statement, “Bing can become repetitive or be provoked or prompted to offer comments that are not always helpful or in keeping with our desired tone.”

Researchers and other beta-testers have documented some strange interactions with the Bing bot online, in which the AI has used threatening or contentious language or denied obvious facts like the date. Microsoft confirmed that edge-case situations were being tested, and claimed that these efforts were assisting in the product’s improvement.

This cannot be accomplished simply in the lab, the corporation stated, therefore we must construct it in the open with the community.

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