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All set to observe International Labor Day in AJK on Monday

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Like the rest of the world, everything is set up by workers to celebrate International Labor Day across Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Monday 1st May to express deep gratitude to the workers and workers sacrificed their lives to exercise their rights on this day 136 years ago in the city of Chicago, USA.

International Labor Day is celebrated around the world on May 1 every year. The day raises awareness about workers’ rights and also recognizes their achievements. Labor Day or May Day has different origin stories in different countries. But the common point is that the Day focuses on the achievements and contributions of workers. It raises awareness of the rights and opportunities of all workers, which they should have for their well-being and progress.

The working class celebrates May Day every year around the world to remember the noble sacrifices of workers who gave their lives to fight for the realization of the rights of their fellow workers. in Chicago, in addition to paying tribute to them.

Special programs to celebrate World Labor Day have been developed by representatives of various labor organisations. Announcing the May Day programs at AJK, a spokesperson for workers’ organizations told APP on Sunday that, like all previous years, May Day will be represented by workers’ organizations. Labor celebration at AJK and LoC. . He said special May Day programs will be held together with other labor organizations and working-class figures, including AJK Disabled Workers.

Highlighting the salient features of the special World Labor Day programs, the spokesperson continued that rallies coupled with processions in all ten districts of AJK as well as tehsil headquarters, including Mirpur Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Bagh, Rawalakot, Sudhanoti, and Bhimbher would be the hallmark of the Day.

Various worker’s organizations of private and public sector institutions have chalked out their programs to hold special ceremonies to observe the Day in a befitting manner.

In Mirpur, the spokesperson said, the main May Day procession will be taken out from View Point near Quaid-e-Azam International Cricket Stadium Chowk under the auspices of various workers’ forums including AJK’s PWD Workers Union which will march through Mian Muhammad Road, Shaheed Chowk and Allama Iqbal Road. The procession will, later on, converge into a workers’ rally at Kashmir Press Club auditorium where speakers will highlight the historical significance of the historic global Day, he said and added that the participants will be addressed among others by the leading trade union leaders of AJK besides speakers from diverse organizations to pay glorious tributes to the martyrs of Chicago besides throwing light on the importance of the Day.

At the same time, reports reaching here on Sunday from across the Line of Control said that the Day would also be observed in various parts of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu Kashmir (IIOJK) despite spite of the extraordinary restrictions and ban imposed by the Indian occupation forces over taking out processions and holding rallies to observe the Universal Labor Day. Reports also indicate that despite these circumstances, Kashmiri workers and workers from various private and public sector organizations in the occupied country have announced that they will hold rallies and marched in defiance of bans and sanctions imposed by the Indian occupation forces. 

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