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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 will have yet another charging upgrade.

by Noor Zaman
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Within the next few weeks, Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 15, and the device’s widely expected switch from the Lightning port to USB-C might possibly boost charging speed.

According to 9to5Mac, some variations of the next iPhone 15 models are planned to enable charging speeds of up to 35W, which represents an important boost over the 27W limit placed on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Particularly, as part of its attempts to fight “electronic waste,” Apple stopped including power adapters with its iPhones in 2020. As a result, the company may opt to suggest either the 30W USB-C charger designed specifically for the MacBook Air or the 35W dual USB-C charger unveiled last year. It’s still unclear whether Apple plans to release a separate charger for the iPhone 15 or not.

Last year, renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made a comparable forecast. He indicated that the Lightning port would soon be replaced by USB-C by 2023, according to the company’s supply chain. The iPhone 15 Pro versions would be able to charge more quickly as a result of this change, according to Kuo, but this feature might call for the usage of cords that have received Apple certification.

It is very likely that the iPhone 15 will mark the beginning of the switch to USB-C charging, regardless of charging speed. The European Union has set a deadline of December 28, 2024, by which all newly sold phones within the Union, including iPhones, must embrace USB-C for wired charging. If this change is put off Apple might have a little window if this changeover is put off another year.
September 12th is the reported day for the launch. The iPhone 15’s Pro and Pro Max versions might be more expensive than last year’s models because of various enhancements. Additionally, smaller bezels and a switch to a titanium frame from the current stainless steel chassis are anticipated for these variants.

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