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Around 7,800 jobs at IBM will be automated by AI.

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International Business Machines, the top technology company in the world, plans to replace its human resources with bots or artificial intelligence in the coming years to replace up to 7,800 jobs amid worries that the rise of automation could result in a rise in unemployment.

According to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna in a conversation with Bloomberg, “Hiring for jobs that can be done by AI will be suspended or slowed.”

IBM intends to use artificial intelligence to replace human resources professionals in up to 7,800 roles, with back-office tasks like employee paperwork and employment verification letters among the first to be automated, according to an article published in Metro.co.uk.

Within the next five years, 30% of employment that are not customer-facing might perhaps be replaced, according to CEO Arvind Krishna.

However, he guarantees that positions requiring software development and direct consumer contact are not now in danger.

Krishna’s assertion is probably going to get a lot more attention as AI continues to gain popularity, as seen by the success of Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a trending chatbot that rose to fame last year.

By declaring that it is consciously and strategically focused on revenue-generating roles while being extremely selective when filling positions that do not directly deal with customers or technology, IBM has highlighted that it has not changed its present hiring policy.

According to a recent research, AI might endanger at least 10% of the jobs carried out by around 80% of US workers, with technologies like ChatGPT potentially affecting almost half of the tasks performed by about 19% of workers.

Holders of advanced degrees, master’s degrees, and professional degrees are more susceptible to losing their jobs as a result of AI than are those with no formal education.

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