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Balmuda’s new Bluetooth speaker:
Based on the Smash hit toaster 

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Balmuda, a Tokyo-based consumer electronics brand, is known for its steam toasters that promise the perfect flavor and texture for your morning toast. But the company is now stepping into the world of Bluetooth speakers with its latest product, Balmuda the Speaker. Despite its hefty price tag of $399, the speaker has received attention and acclaim, winning “Best Bluetooth Speaker” in Esquire’s 2022 Gadget Awards.

Balmuda founder and CEO Gen Terao spent his early years in rock bands and naturally wanted to design a speaker that could emulate the exhilaration of live music. The speaker features a 77mm upward-firing driver and a “3D Sound Driver” that promises detailed, omnidirectional sound. The product boasts an aesthetically pleasing design that evokes the same high-end hi-fi aesthetic as the McIntosh Bluetooth speakers.

However, the Balmuda the Speaker’s hefty price tag may put some buyers off, especially when compared to other popular options like the Apple HomePod 2, which retails for $299. Balmuda’s pricing strategy is bold, but it remains to be seen if the speaker can challenge the audio giant’s flagship speaker on the same level.

Despite its high price, Balmuda the Speaker has attracted the attention of audiophiles and enthusiasts of well-designed products. His three tubes of speakers contain LEDs that can be set to beat, ambient, or candle mode, and the lights are precisely synchronized at his 0.004 second speed. The Balmuda catalog includes other unique gadgets such as the Lantern Balmuda, the Kettle Balmuda, and of course the Toaster Balmuda. The company’s expertise in heat and water technology has been applied to Bluetooth speakers, resulting in products that promise high-quality sound.

In summary, Balmuda the Speaker may seem like an expensive, expensive item, but it’s garnering attention and admiration for its unique design and promising sound quality. Whether it can compete with the established audio brand’s other flagship speakers remains to be seen, but it’s sure to appeal to those who appreciate good design and innovative devices. 

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