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Bing, Microsoft’s AI, now has an integration of the mobile app Skype.

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Microsoft launches mobile app for AI-powered search engine Bing, along with Skype integration in conversations

Microsoft AI-powered Bing's

just only two weeks after AI-powered Bing’s introduction, Microsoft is pressing forward by creating a mobile app for the search engine and integrating Skype with Bing to provide more information to text messages.

The business offers users who download the Bing app priority on its waitlist while allowing voice input to connect with Bing’s chat feature. Users will be able to add Bing to any chat and ask it questions like any chatbot, choosing to receive answers in bullet points or a condensed response, thanks to the new Skype integration.

By allowing users to express their requests and have Bing use Microsoft’s text-to-speech technology to play back the answers, the voice search feature is a useful addition for conveniently searching for information.

Users are only allowed six turns per chat and a total of 60 searches per day, but the firm has shown itself to be highly receptive to criticism and quickly upgraded the search engine.

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