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ChatGPT official iPhone app – how to try it

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Finally, ChatGPT will have an official app. An official ChatGPT for iOS app has been released by OpenAI(opens in new tab), bringing the well-known AI chatbot to your iPhone at last. Similar to its web browser equivalent, it is now available for download on the App Store(opens in new tab). The app is totally free and ad-free.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, just like in your browser. This implies that until you pay for ChatGPT Plus, you’ll only be able to use the GPT-3.5 model, which runs ChatGPT’s free online version.

However, OpenAI claims that if you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you’ll get access to the GPT-4 model, which was trained using recent data. Additionally, customers will benefit from advantages they have enjoyed with their online subscription, such as early access to features and quicker response times. Uncertainty exists around the availability of ChatGPT plugins and web browsing—new beta capabilities for ChatGPT Plus that are currently being released—on the iOS app.

And Android users need not fear. While the official ChatGPT mobile app is now only accessible to iOS users in the US, OpenAI’s official statement teases a broader distribution. P.S. Android users, you’re next, says OpenAI. Soon, ChatGPT will be available on your devices.

Setting up ChatGPT on iOS is a straightforward procedure. OpenAI ChatGPT may be found on the App Store by searching for it or by going directly to the app page(opens in new tab). Then all you have to do is hit install to proceed.

ChatGPT official iPhone app

Whether using the iOS app or a web browser, you will need an OpenAI account to use ChatGPT, so if you don’t already have one, be sure to read our instructions on how to use ChatGPT. In the app itself, during the login procedure, you may also create an account.

There are several things you can do with ChatGPT once you’ve put it up on your iPhone. Play text-based games, write a book (or at least a chapter), and make music. You’ll become a ChatGPT power user in no time by employing a few of the greatest ChatGPT tips, such as being explicit with your instructions and teaching it your writing style.

So enjoy yourselves! Just be sure you download the authorised app. Many fake ChatGPT applications exist, and they may do everything from trick you into paying for services that are already free to installing malware on your phone. Hence, only the official OpenAI ChatGPT app(opens in new tab) should be downloaded.

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