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Daniel Khalife, a missing suspect in terrorism, was detained in west London.

by Noor Zaman
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Daniel Khalife, a suspect in terrorism, was caught in west London after a four-day manhunt, according to police.

In agreement with Scotland Yard, the former soldier, 21, was arrested in the Hounslow district just before 11:00 BST, roughly four miles from Wandsworth jail, from which he escaped on Wednesday morning.

There were certain sightings of him throughout the night.

The Met has been searching areas in west and south-west London with a helicopter while also analyzing CCTV footage.

According to the force, Mr. Khalife is currently being held by authorities.

He is charged with attempting to spy for an adversary nation—believed to be Iran—obtaining information that could be beneficial to someone planning or carrying out terrorist acts, and planning a fake bomb hoax.

When Mr. Khalife was denied bail at a court hearing in January, he was sent to Brixton on remand pending a trial, which opened in November.

He attached himself to the underside of a food delivery van and started his escape from the prison’s kitchens, where he worked.

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister, declared his “great pleasure” at Daniel Khalife’s arrest and thanked the public and the police for their efforts in locating him.

In his remarks at the G20 meeting in Delhi, the prime minister further stated: “The justice secretary has initiated an inquiry into the facts of his escape, and that work will continue.”

On Friday, police announced that Mr. Khalife had been seen immediately after escaping, emerging from beneath a vehicle at Wandsworth Roundabout.

Up to £20,000 had been offered as a reward for information that resulted in his capture.

The Metropolitan Police said it was concentrating on “intensive search activity” efforts in and around the west London district of Chiswick after hearing allegations of nighttime police helicopter activity there.

The statement went on to say that “this activity follows intelligence-led activity and some confirmed sightings in that area overnight, including calls from members of the public.”

What has Daniel Khalife been charged with?

After joining the Army in 2019, Daniel Abed Khalife had been posted at MoD Stafford, better known as Beacon Barracks, when he died on January 2 following a suspected bomb threat.

He is accused of planting false devices “with the intention of inducing in another the belief that the item was likely to explode or ignite,” according to testimony given at a subsequent court proceeding at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

He was apprehended on January 26 “in or near his car” after “active efforts to look for him,” the court was told. Two days later, he was transferred to Wandsworth.

On November 13, Mr. Khalife was scheduled to appear in court to answer allegations that included planning an act of terrorism and gathering information that could be used against him in violation of the Official Secrets Act. In July at the Old Bailey, he refuted the claims that were made against him.

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