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Does Twitter say goodbye?. Within 12 hours of Threads’ release, almost 22 million people signed up for it.

by Muhammad Mubashir
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A new player has entered the constantly changing social media landscape, which has previously been dominated by industry giants like Facebook and Twitter. With a whopping 30 million users on its first day, Mark Zuckerberg’s creation Threads, created by his business Meta, has made a major splash. Threads, positioned as a “friendly” rival to Twitter, provides a welcome change of pace for irate users looking for a site that places a greater emphasis on meaningful interactions and a more hospitable environment.

A Platform for the Doubting:

Many Twitter users are disappointed with recent modifications and wish for a return to the platform’s origins. In order to appeal to those who are looking for an alternative to the chaos and hostility that can afflict other social media venues, Threads has tapped into this sentiment. Threads encourage succinct and intelligent conversations because of their 500-character limit, which enables users to converse more deeply.

Importance of Friendship:

In his announcement, Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the significance of preserving a “friendly” climate on the Threads network. This emphasis on creating a welcoming and happy environment may completely alter the situation. Threads seek to set itself apart from rival platforms and foster an environment where users may interact without being afraid of harmful content by promoting civil discourse and opposing trolling and hate speech.

The vision of Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the difficulty ahead but shared his ambition for the site when asked whether Threads might overtake Twitter in popularity. Though he acknowledges that it would take some time, he sees Threads becoming into a platform for open discourse with more than 1 billion people. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also noted that Twitter had the chance to accomplish this but fell short in providing a really compelling and user-friendly experience. He wants to fill that gap with Threads and give users a platform they genuinely appreciate.

Elon Musk’s Opinion:

In reaction to Zuckerberg’s statement, Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, said that he prefers to voice occasional criticism rather than take part in what he considers to be flimsy content on websites like Instagram. Musk’s remark emphasizes the ongoing discussion regarding the relative merits of various social media platforms and user preferences.

Positive Reaction:

Internet users have responded positively to Threads’ introduction, expressing their delight at the arrival of a new and urgently required Twitter rival. In a BBC interview, one person referred to Threads as a worthwhile alternative that has the power to upend the social network business. This encouraging tone portends well for the app’s future development and acceptability among disgruntled Twitter users.


With Threads, Meta’s recently released app, people seeking a friendlier and more meaningful social media experience have a viable alternative to Twitter. Threads have resonated with many people looking for a getaway from the loudness and hostility frequently associated with other platforms because of their focus on encouraging respectful talks and promoting a happy environment. One thing is certain: Threads has arrived as a contender, and its success will depend on its capacity to deliver on its promises and win the hearts of millions of users all over the world. It remains to be seen how the platform continues to grow and evolve and whether it can truly challenge Twitter’s dominance, but one thing is certain: Threads has arrived as a contender.

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