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For its upcoming foldables, Samsung is already testing out significant camera upgrades.

by Noor Zaman
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Despite the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5, which was released a month ago and has the same 12MP primary camera as the Flip 4 model before it, there is some good news for the upcoming generation, which is already being tested.

There is reason to think that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6, which will be scheduled for release next year, could herald the long-awaited improvement in photography capabilities, according to reports from the Dutch website GalaxyClub.

According to the article, Samsung has started testing Galaxy Z Flip 6 prototypes with 50 MP primary cameras. Should Samsung decide to use this cutting-edge imaging technology, this expected switch to a high-resolution camera marks a major improvement over the 12MP module in the Flip 5.

The source of the material withheld information on the 50 MP sensor, and information about additional cameras on the Flip 6 was also withheld. However, the source does make it clear that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is known internally as B6, while the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is known internally as Q6.

Given that it will be about a year before the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 are expected to be released, it is advisable to take these early reports with some caution and wait for confirmation from numerous sources.

Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 series, on the other hand, is anticipated to launch as early as January of the next year and will have various camera upgrades, an improved screen, and a titanium chassis that will significantly increase the phone’s strength.

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