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Google rolls out new features to make in-app browsers better on Android

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In-app browsers are typically not the ideal way to access material in an app. Chrome’s custom tab functionalities have been utilized by Android developers to enhance the user experience. To improve in-app browsing on its mobile operating system, Google is now introducing new capabilities like partial custom tabs and auto-filling passwords.

Developers have additional control over a tab’s initial launch height thanks to the partial custom tabs capability. When a user clicks on an article link, for instance, they can have the tab open on half of the screen. Users can now engage with the app and in-app browsers at the same time thanks to this. According to Google, some in-app browsers, such as Chrome, support partial custom tabs.

Additionally, the search engine behemoth offers users the option to fill in passwords and other saved information, such as addresses, without ever leaving the app. When a pop-up for logging into a browser appears within an app, this is helpful.

With the argument that it offers more capability, Google is promoting Chrome custom tabs over WebView.

Simply opening a browser from within your Android app compels consumers to exit it, increasing the chance that their session will be abandoned. In a blog post, Google stated that while WebViews provide you the ability to create your in-app browser, doing so might be difficult and require more upkeep.

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