Google will delete accounts that haven't been used in two years.

As a security measure, Google has declared that it would remove inactive accounts that have lain idle for at least two years. The revised policy is in force right away, but the process of deleting it will start in December. Google will notify users several times before deleting dormant accounts gradually.

The accounts that were established but never used again will be the first ones to be removed. It’s crucial to remember that this regulation only applies to individual accounts; institutions like corporations and schools are unaffected.

Google’s move is supported by internal data showing that obsolete security measures and repeated passwords make older accounts more vulnerable to security problems. These accounts might be the target of spam, hacking, and phishing attacks.

This strategy differs from Google’s prior approach, which simply entailed removing the material from inactive accounts on services rather than the accounts themselves.

Simply sign in to your Google account or any Google service and carry out any action, such as reading an email, viewing a video, or conducting a search, to keep your account active.

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