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Government decides to register websites and YouTube channels under the E-Safety Authority Bill

by Muhammad Mubashir
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The federal government has made the decision to register web properties including channels on YouTube and websites.

To keep an eye on online behavior, an E-Safety authority will be established. The E-Safety Authority Bill was passed by the Federal Cabinet on Wednesday, which is presided over by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

According to sources, the federal government has chosen to increase its oversight of online content. The E-Safety Bill has been produced by the Ministry of IT and delivered to the Federal Cabinet.

The e-Safety Bill has received preliminary approval from the Federal Cabinet. By restricting the authority of PTA, FIA, and PEMRA, a new authority will be established under the law.

The e-protection authority will register and keep track of all websites, web channels, and news YouTube channels. The same authority will also have the power to register and keep an eye on news outlets and newspapers’ websites. For publishing misleading news, the authority would be able to block and punish websites.

The sources claim that the law states that Section 37 of the PICA Act, which governs online monitoring, does not achieve the goals. PTA won’t have access to monitor the web anymore. The Bill also criticized the FIA’s powers under the PICA Act as being insufficient.

The bill claims that the PECA Act’s social media regulations have also not proven to be successful. PTA does not have access to social media blocking. The bill claims that no independent authority has been established to address cyber crimes under the PECA Act. The FIA, which is already overworked with other issues, was handed the assignment.

By limiting the authority of PEMRA, the same organization will register online news outlets as well. The same authority will also choose whether to provide adverts to registered websites, web channels, and YouTube channels that comply with government regulations.

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