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Hamza, the world junior squash champion, received Rs. 10 million from PM Shehbaz.

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The World Junior Squash Champion, Hamza Khan, was presented with a check for Rs10 million by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday in recognition of his excellent accomplishments. Hamza expressed his gratitude for the assistance of the Pakistan Squash Federation and the prime minister.

The prime minister gave Hamza his congratulations for winning the Australian World Junior Squash Championship at the meeting. He praised up-and-coming artists like Hamza, viewing them as a source of national pride. Shehbaz Sharif stated that Hamza’s triumph had renewed the nation’s sense of national pride.

The prime minister urged Hamza to keep practicing hard and set a goal of winning the senior world title because he himself enjoyed playing squash and thought it was the best game. He spoke of Hamza as a role model for Pakistan’s young and emphasized the government’s initiatives to build first-rate sports facilities and encourage athletics across the country.

In order to support athletes and promote sports in Pakistan, the forum also covered recent national sports initiatives. These initiatives included, most notably, the founding of the nation’s first sports university as well as the provision of financial and technical support for young people’s training in the sports industry.

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