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Here’s how Google shows its AI development for its search engine.

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In response to Microsoft’s challenge, Google is incorporating more artificial intelligence into its core search product.

Google has announced plans to introduce more advanced artificial intelligence technology to its main search engine.

The move comes three months after Microsoft’s Bing search engine began using technology similar to its artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

What’s the new update for Google Search?
  • On Wednesday at its annual I/O conference in Mountain View, Calif., Google unveiled its latest core search product that incorporates more AI into its answers.
  • With the Enhanced Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature, Google’s homepage looks and behaves like a familiar search bar. The difference is in the answer. When the new feature detects that your query can be answered using artificial intelligence, the AI-generated response appears at the top of the results page. Legacy links to the Internet remain below.
  • For example, searching for “San Francisco weather” will, as usual, give him the 8-day forecast, but a query about what to wear in the city of California will result in a long AI-generated response. returned. The results read, “You should bring layers such as a short-sleeved shirt and a light sweater or jacket that day,” and included a link to a site with such advice.
  • According to a Washington Post analysis, this new technology shortens the steps to answers. Currently, these questions may require multiple searches or visits to different pages. Google AI aggregates information and facts from various websites and makes searching easier.
“Conversation Mode”
  • Users can also switch to an all-new “conversation mode” that remembers the user’s previous questions, making it easy to ask follow-up questions. “The context carries over from question to question, so you can continue exploring more naturally, and you’ll also find useful starting points in web content and different perspectives to explore,” says Google.
  • However, the company said this conversational mode was not designed to be a chatbot with a personality. Used only to refine search results.
  • This new version is different from Bard, another AI lighting product Google launched in March, and it’s also different from the Google Answer bot, which talks through smart speakers.
What other technologies are ahead?
  • Google’s Gmail is getting more AI tech enhancements, including a “Help Me Write” option that lets you write long replies to emails in seconds, and a photo tool called “Magic Editor” that automatically edits images.
  • Is the new Google Search available now?
  • not yet. US consumers will be able to access Search Generative Experience through a waitlist in the coming weeks. The company says this is a test phase in which Google will monitor search results’ quality, speed, and cost.
What other innovations have been announced?
  • Google has released a new foldable Pixel smartphone that allows consumers to take advantage of the company’s AI. The company also announced a $499 phone, the Pixel 7A.
  • Bard — a chatbot capable of human-like conversation and with personas aimed at creative collaboration — will be available to people in over 180 countries and territories.
  • Bard is also available on his Gmail, Sheets, and Docs, allowing users to ask questions and interact with the chatbot while using the app.
  • Bard is also the developer of a more powerful AI model, called PaLM 2, announced by Google that can solve tougher problems. One of his PaLM 2 models is light enough to work with a smartphone. 

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