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How AI can turn the world upside down more than electricity and the internet 

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San Francisco:
The rise of AI artificial general intelligence, now seen as inevitable in Silicon Valley, will bring about “an order of magnitude” change the world has never seen before, observers say. But are you ready?

AGI – defined as artificial intelligence with human cognitive abilities, as opposed to more narrow artificial intelligence like the headline-grabbing ChatGPT, capable of liberating humans from simple tasks and ushering in a new era of creativity. increase.

But experts warn that such a historic paradigm shift could also put jobs at risk and create insurmountable social problems.

Early technological advances, from electricity to the internet, sparked powerful social change, says Siqi Chen, CEO of San Francisco startup Runway.

“But what we’re looking at now is intelligence itself… This is the first time we’re able to create intelligence itself and increase its amount in the universe,” he told AFP.

Change, as a result, will be “orders of magnitude greater than every other technological change we’ve ever had in history.”

And such an exciting, frightening shift is a “double-edged sword,” Chen said, envisioning using AGI to tackle climate change, for example, but also warning that it is a tool that we want to be as “steerable as possible.”

It was the release of ChatGPT late last year that brought the long dreamt of the idea of AGI one giant leap closer to reality.

OpenAI, the company behind the generative software that churns out essays, poems, and computing code on command, this week released an even more powerful version of the tech that operates it – GPT-4.

It says the technology will not only be able to process text but also images, and produce more complex content such as legal complaints or video games.
As such it “exhibits human-level performance” on some benchmarks, the company said. Say goodbye to “hard work”

The success of Microsoft-backed OpenAI has sparked something of an arms race in Silicon Valley. The tech giant is taking generative AI tools to the next level.

His AI-infused digital assistants from Microsoft and Google are already doing things like aggregating meetings, designing emails, building websites, creating advertising campaigns, etc. you can know if there is

Emphasizing the role of AI in the future security arena

Jared Spataro, his vice president at Microsoft, said:

Spataro said in a Microsoft presentation that he hopes to “rediscover the essence of work” using artificial intelligence.

Some say artificial intelligence can also reduce costs. UK landscape architect Joe Perkins tweeted that he used GPT-4 for a coding project that a “very talented” developer said would cost £5,000 ($6,000) and take two weeks. .

“GPT-4 for $0.11 he did the same in 3 hours,” he tweeted. “it is really amazing”

But it begs the question of threats to human jobs. Because entrepreneur Chen admits that technology could one day build a startup like him, or a better version.

“How can I make a living without being homeless?” he asked, adding that he hopes a solution will emerge. 

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