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Hyundai introduces ‘special offer’ for Elantra buyers 

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Hyundai Nishat Motors Private Limited (HNMPL) is on the right track in terms of recent sales despite chaotic conditions in Pakistan’s auto industry. Hyundai sales have been strong for four consecutive months, largely due to Tucson’s growing popularity.

However, the South Korean automaker now has some exciting news for Elantra buyers.According to a recent update, Hyundai has announced that for a limited time, Elantra buyers will be able to pick up the car immediately after booking. announced an offer for

This offer also includes a “price lock”. This means that the buyer does not have to pay more rupees over the current price even if there is a future price increase. 

ModelCurrent Price (Rs.)
1.6 GL6,599,000
2.0 GLS7,130,000
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Car prices, like the local currency, have been very volatile lately due to Pakistan’s economic woes. Under these circumstances, this offer from Hyundai is likely to attract several compact sedan buyers.

This is likely to boost overall sales for Hyundai and could hurt sales for its main rivals, especially the Toyota Corolla. 

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