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Have you ever tried to play a video game or do something that requires a lot of processing power, but then all of a sudden your computer freezes? If so, we’re sure you’ve encountered some major power failures on your computer! These might be due to overheating, a power surge, a blown fuse, or a power failure. If you’re having any of these issues, it’s time to get some free power surge protection for your computer!

A power failure occurs due to a bad power supply or your plugged power cable, 80% of the time it causes because of a bad power supply attached to your pc which gives current to your whole system, and without it, you won’t be able to turn it on or board will give you warning beeps or it never turns on depends which PC brand you are using, every brand has a different style of warnings and other 20% is your power cable which also has a major role, if the quality is good it won’t create any fuss but you should plug it out and check if its 3 holes are in proper shape or burnt if it’s burnt then change the power cable and after changing do check if the PC turns on then you are good to go, if not then your previous cable shorted/burned your main power supply cause of high current, bad socket or a loose outlet.

These are the main things you should check before going on to the next step, suppose your power supply is working and the PC is turning on normally and you start any software or any game and all of a sudden you face a hard reset like your display screen is gone black and your system restarts in this case you don’t need to get panicked it’s just because of POWER FAILURE or bad POWER SUPPLY, you should change your supply asap before it creates more trouble on your main MOTHERBOARD like it can damage your HARD DRIVE and you can lose your important data from your drive, it can corrupt your OS INSTALLED on your drive. If the PC is used for gaming or rendering purposes then you should change it if you face this issue for the very first time or if this supply is in warranty then claim the warranty first because it can damage or burn your GRAPHICS CARD which is very expensive nowadays.

Do check your PC specifications before ordering any other supply this can be a human error too like you have a heavy built machine and your supply power doesn’t match your requirements this can be a reason for MAJOR POWER FAILURE ON PC

Recommended brands of POWER SUPPLIES

  1. Cooler Master
  2. Corsair
  3. Thermaltake
  4. XPG
  5. FSP Group

In my opinion, these Power Supplies brands are the best in the market right now, all power supplies have their build ratings standards like Bronze and Gold, will recommend if you go with the Gold standard though they are a bit pricey they are worth buying for a long run and Bronze will do the work too but the material and capacitors used on 80+ GOLD Supplies will work for a longer period. It’s better to buy a good POWER SUPPLY once rather than buying a cheaper one available on the market. Will recommend a stabilizer too if your PC is costly cause it won’t let your POWER SUPPLY burn.

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