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Mark Zuckerberg introduces Instagram and WhatsApp-like channels worldwide

by Noor Zaman
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Channels is an innovative function that WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has launched in India and more than 150 other nations. Similar to Instagram’s Broadcast channel, this feature enables users to connect through one-way channels, making it simpler to deliver messages to big groups.

WhatsApp places a strong emphasis on the secrecy of Channels and protects followers’ identities. Administrators can distribute a variety of material kinds through channels while maintaining privacy.

A special tab called “Updates,” aside from private chats, is where you may view Channels. Through searchable directories, channels may be found and sorted by location, amount of activity, popularity, or recentness.

Emojis can be used by users to respond to changes, and administrators have 30 days to alter updates before they are automatically deleted. Additionally, administrators of WhatsApp channels may choose who can follow them and how easily they can be found. WhatsApp is also working on measures to limit message buildup.

It’s crucial to remember that Channels lack end-to-end encryption because of their emphasis on a broad audience.

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