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MG announces big price hike for HS Essence  

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MG Pakistan has decided to end its Ramadan offering before Eid and has announced a significant price increase for HS Essence.

As of April 18, the new prices of MG’s flagship SUV are as follows.

ModelOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
MG HS Essence8,199,0008,699,000500,000

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Last month, MG decided not to raise the price of its HS Essence amid a massive wave of price hikes due to a 7% increase in General Sales Tax (GST) on luxury cars and SUVs.

The automaker made a bold but wise move not to raise the price of its star SUV, perhaps attracting a large number of buyers.The monthly price of the MG HS Essence is his 8.2 million rupees, higher than other vehicles in the same category. was significantly lower.

However, it should be noted that MG HS still has an advantage over its competitors. At the moment, the only C-segment SUV cheaper than the MG HS is the Kia Sportage. The latter enjoys a larger market share, but offers significantly less features and luxury than the HS. Other SUVs in this category have an advantage over the HS, either because they cost significantly more or have fewer features. 

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