Microsoft's Bing Chat AI is now accessible to everyone

Microsoft removes long waiting list, opening up Bing GPT-4 with new features to everyone

Bing GPT-4 is available to all users starting today, removing the long waiting list that Microsoft has been running for some time. By signing into Bing or Edge with a Microsoft account, a user can preview his GPT-4.

Microsoft initially launched the chatbot in February as a private preview that users can choose from while others join the long waiting list. The company is now gradually opening up its services to everyone.

According to The Verge, Bing Chat will also get new features like image and video results, new Bing and Edge Actions features, persistent chat and history, and plugin support. Plugin support is the most important foundation for developers and important to the future of Bing Chat. The company has already worked with OpenTable to enable the restaurant completion plugin in Bing Chat and WolframAlpha to generate visualizations.

Microsoft plans to announce more details at its build conference later this month. 

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