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Minister: There won’t be a shortage of fertilizer for the upcoming rabi season.

by Noor Zaman
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According to Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the federal minister for commerce, industries, and production, there is no scarcity of fertilizer in the nation for the forthcoming Rabi crop.

During a meeting of the Fertilizer Review Committee at the Ministry of Industries & Productions, the minister made these remarks. The Federal Secretary for Industries, well-known fertilizer producers, and ministry representatives all attended the conference.

The minister revealed that there is a large 3.3 million ton supply of fertilizer available for the next Rabi season at the meeting. For the duration of the growing season, this stock is anticipated to fulfill agricultural needs effectively, giving farmers the means to increase their yields.

Additionally, he guaranteed that the gas supply to the fertilizer sector would be kept at maximum capacity, ensuring continuous output. Additionally, the minister stated that the government will do everything possible to make fertilizers available to farmers at MRP. This program aims to shield farmers from the burden of rising fertilizer costs.

The minister issued a severe warning, stressing that anybody or any organization discovered selling fertilizer at excessive prices will face harsh punishment.

Dr. Ejaz declared his commitment to solving the problem of a continuous gas supply to the fertilizer sector at the forthcoming cabinet meeting as the discussion came to a close.

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