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Morocco Suffers a Strong Earthquake; Hundreds Die

by Noor Zaman
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Morocco suffered damage from a powerful earthquake on Friday night that registered a 6.8 on the earthquake strength scale. People living in the High Atlas highlands were startled by this earthquake, which also caused significant damage.

Sadly, this earthquake has resulted in the deaths of more than 800 persons. According to the US Geological Survey, which conducts seismic research, the earthquake began 18.5 kilometers beneath the surface, deep inside the High Atlas Mountains. A smaller aftershock, or smaller earthquake that occurs after the major one, measuring 4.9 in magnitude, followed a few minutes after the shaking started around 11:11 PM local time.

There have reportedly been roughly 800 deaths, according to news reports from throughout the world, and this number could rise. Rescue teams had a difficult time getting to the majority of the victims because they were located in outlying mountains.

The event caused the collapse of numerous buildings, including a lofty tower in a historic city. Social media has seen a large amount of sharing of very depressing images of what occurred and people seeking protection on the highways.

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