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NASA Warns of Huge 150-Foot Asteroid Approaching Earth on April 6

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According to current information from NASA’s Asteroid Watch dashboard, Earth will come into contact with some asteroids in the next days. Two of the five asteroids that will come closest to Earth today are the other three. The dashboard shows details about each contact, including the date of closest approach, an estimated object diameter, relative size, and distance from Earth. Thankfully, none of the asteroids are dangerous for Earth.

Our solar system formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago when a cloud of gas and dust compressed, leaving behind asteroids. The sun was created when the majority of the material in the cloud sank to its centre, while part of the dust that condensed into planets. More than 30,000 asteroids of all sizes have been identified as “Near Earth Objects” (NEOs) that are close to the Planet.

NASA promises that none of the known NEOs represent a threat to Earth for the next 100 years, despite their abundance.

Although an asteroid collision might cause a catastrophic event, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory continuously tracks these objects and updates users on their travels via the Asteroid Watch dashboard.

The size of the approaching asteroids varies, with the smallest being 45 feet and the largest 150 feet. These pebbles will come closest to Earth at various distances, the furthest being 5,750,000 kilometres on April 5. Despite being the size of an airliner and moving at a speed of 67,656 kmph, NASA notes that the largest asteroid, 2023 FZ3, is not a potentially dangerous threat to Earth.

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