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No more apprehensive meetings or interviews: Al-powered glasses provide immediate solutions to all questions

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A recent advance in AI technology promises to make stressful scenarios like job interviews, blind dating, and public speaking occasions less unpleasant.

The innovation takes the shape of glasses with AI that can answer any questions that may come up in a discussion.

A tiny camera and microphone built inside the glasses are linked to an AI-driven system. When a question is posed, the glasses employ voice recognition to understand it and then instantly show the user the appropriate response on a tiny screen that is built right into the spectacles.

This indicates that the user doesn’t need to memorise anything or prepare beforehand in order to reply to questions swiftly and confidently.

Researchers at a top technology firm created the spectacles and are optimistic that they will revolutionise how people converse and work with one another in both social and professional contexts. The glasses may be especially helpful for people who struggle with public speaking or social anxiety.

In a recent research, a group of job seekers who were getting ready for interviews used the glasses for testing. According to the study, people who wore the glasses were more self-assured and performed better in interviews than those who did not. Blind dates, business meetings, and public speaking occasions might all benefit from the technology.

How it work

The hardware and software components of the AI-powered glasses combine to make them function. A tiny camera and microphone that are built inside the glasses are part of the hardware.

The microphone records the speaker’s speech, while the camera records their image.

The software component analyses the spoken query and chooses the best response using machine learning and natural language processing. Large volumes of data are used to train the programme to find patterns and generate precise predictions.

The glasses employ voice recognition technology to translate spoken words into text when a question is asked. The text is subsequently forwarded to the AI-enabled software, which analyses the query and produces an answer.

The answer is shown on a tiny screen built into the glasses, enabling the wearer to safely and swiftly read the response and react to the inquiry.

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