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Only Selected Lucky Customers Will Get IPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, At launch

by Muhammad Mubashir
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According to a recent source, there will be a limited number of the next Apple iPhone 15 Pro models available after their September launch, especially the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This scarcity appears to be caused by problems with LG Display’s screen manufacture.

These issues arise from the use of a new production technique intended to reduce the size of the bezel. This seems to be a problem that Apple previously ran into with several of its Apple Watch models.

According to reports, LG’s displays for the iPhone 15 Pro, and especially the Pro Max, are reportedly failing reliability testing while being fused to the metal case. Apple is now making changes to the LG-produced screens’ design to help them pass these tests in an effort to address this problem. But as a fallback, Apple has displays made by Samsung that can be used during assembly.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is anticipated to be the most difficult to find, closely followed by the Pro model. Nevertheless, it’s thought that these difficulties will lead to a limited number of units being available right from the launch.

Apple may delay the introduction by many weeks, according to a different rumor from earlier. The scarcity hypothesis, which is supported by this new source, refutes that view. Whatever the cause, it’s obvious that a problem with the displays is having an impact on Apple’s launch schedule.

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