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Over 100K ChatGPT accounts have been hacked; India and Pakistan are the two nations with the most cases.

by Muhammad Mubashir
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A Cybersecurity Report Reveals an Extremely Large Number of Compromised ChatGPT Accounts:

Due to ChatGPT’s outstanding intelligence, which has captured the attention of millions of users worldwide, it has become one of the most extensively used programs on the internet. However, recent events have given rise to serious worries after a massive security breach affected hundreds of thousands of ChatGPT accounts, with India and Pakistan suffering the most.

Over the course of the months of June 2022 and May 2023, more than 100,000 OpenAI ChatGPT credentials were discovered on darknet online markets, according to a new research by Group-IB, a top cybersecurity company with headquarters in Singapore. A total of 101,134 infected devices with stolen ChatGPT credentials were discovered by Group-IB’s research.

Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe are affected:

The survey also showed that, with 40.5% of all incidents reported over the time limit, the Asia Pacific region had the greatest rate of compromised ChatGPT accounts. The Middle East and Africa came in second with 24,925 incidents, closely followed by Europe with 16,951 incidents.
Looking more closely at the impacted nations, India had 12,632 compromised ChatGPT credentials, which is the greatest number. Brazil reported 6,531 compromised accounts, closely followed by Pakistan with 9,217. The least number of instances were reported from Bangladesh (2,463 affected accounts).

Precautions and two-factor authentication are two methods for securing your ChatGPT account.

Info stealers, a kind of malicious software made to collect saved data from web browsers, were the source of the stolen ChatGPT credentials. These data thieves are capable of stealing private information from the victim’s device, including browsing history, cookies, bank card information, information about cryptocurrency wallets, and more. For data extraction, they can also target email clients and instant chat programs.

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