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Pakistan is the Third Largest Manufacturer of Adidas’ Accessory

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Over the previous year, Adidas’ market share in Pakistan has risen sharply, by 6%. Details reveal that Pakistan has surpassed Turkey and China to claim the third-largest market share in the globe for Adidas accessories and gear.

Pakistan currently holds 21% of the market share in this particular category, followed by Turkey with 25% and China with 28%. Pakistan’s market share increased from 15% to 21% over the previous year.

The second-largest sportswear maker in the world is Adidas. They have three areas of expertise: sportswear, footwear, and accessories.

Details indicate that Pakistan’s market share increased as a result of a growth in the export of athletic products, particularly footballs. Football exports increased by 35.70% this year, from $114.5 million to $155.4 million, from the previous year’s $114.5 million.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year, which featured footballs made in Pakistan by Adidas, was the main cause of this. During the past few years, Pakistan has been a major supplier of footballs for the major events.

The market share of Adidas’ apparel and accessory categories is broken down as follows:


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