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PTA Grants LDI License to Yet Another Local Business.

by Noor Zaman
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An LDI license has been granted by the Authority to Dynasty Telcom (Private) Ltd., a local business.

The PTA reports that the show Telcom was granted an LDI license following the completion of all legal rules. For the laying of a 1,500 km optical fiber cable, the company has submitted a $0.5 million license fee and $10 million in bank guarantees.

PTA has granted the third LDI license this year. While HG Telecom (Private) Ltd. received its LDI license in February of this year, Zeta Technologies (Private) Ltd. received its license earlier in January. Despite the new business receiving an LDI license, there are still 19 LDI operators operating throughout the nation.

Any business that obtains a license from the authority has 18 months to begin operations, according to the PTA. PTA teams conduct an equipment review of the business using the checklist after 18 months and submit a report to the authority. The authority grants a Commencement of Operations Certificate in light of this report, at which point the business may begin operations.

Since the company is local and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), no permission was necessary for registration. International businesses or businesses with foreign directors are required to obtain clearance from the Ministry of Interior.

After an eight-year pause, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority reopened the LDI license last year. The CCRB (Cabinet Committee on Regulatory Bodies) placed a seven-year watch hold on the issue of licenses for Mobile, Local Loop (LL), and LDI in 2006. On March 22, 2013, the watch hold expired, and China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) was granted an LDI license as a result. The granting of the LDI license was again stopped after a license was granted to CMPak.

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