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Punjab is giving over the management of 1,000 public schools to a nonprofit.

by Noor Zaman
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Although teachers’ groups have voiced significant resistance, the Punjab School Education Department (SED) is facing criticism as it moves quickly to privatize 350 public schools in the Rawalpindi division. This privatization project includes all assets, including structures, parks, and labs, which are thought to be worth billions of rupees. The government will entirely give up its direct supervision over these public schools once they are in the hands of the private sector.

According to reports, this decision has reportedly been relayed to decision-makers in Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, and Jhelum districts, all of which are part of the Rawalpindi division. Additionally, a non-profit group called “Muslim Hands” has been designated to take over 1,000 A-class high schools for boys and girls throughout Punjab, including the Rawalpindi division.

There is already a list of the schools that will be turned over to the NGO.

The Punjab Headmasters Association, Punjab Teachers Union, Educators Association, Punjab SES Association, and All Pakistan Clerks Association have all vigorously condemned the proposal in response. They have stated their intention to hold protests and rallies and have made the case that as there is now no Punjab Assembly, no legislative action should be taken on matters of policy.

Shahid Mubarak, the main figurehead of the Punjab Teachers Union, even put out a humorous suggestion, saying that rather than moving government schools, the caretaker administration should be turned over to “Muslim Hands.” Punjab’s privatization question is still polarizing the people and igniting discussion.

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