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Romanian investment of 400 million euros by an Austrian tractor manufacturer is delayed.

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The Arada village of Ghioroc would receive a 400 million euro investment from Austria to establish a tractor plant, which would result in the creation of some 600 jobs. According to the commune’s mayor, the paperwork needed to issue the building permission is currently being prepared.

Austrian high-end utility vehicles producer Syn Trac may still begin constructing its factory in Romania at Ghioroc, Arad County, near the border with Hungary, by the end of the year – local authorities in the commune expected to host the EUR 400 mln investment announced.

the first tractor would leave the production line in October 2023, but construction on the assembly rooms wouldn’t begin until this year, according to officials of an Austrian business who first announced the investment in the spring of 2022.

“In the interim, the Syn Trac firm was able to establish a presence in Romania, and they informed us that they are presently putting the finishing touches on the paperwork that would be provided to us for us to be able to grant the building permission. The initial expectation was for the construction to begin this spring, but more time is required to finish all the paperwork. Because this investment will spur growth not only in our commune but also in the county, we hope that the work will begin this year as promised by the investors “Corneliu Popi-Morodan, the commune’s mayor, endorsed AGERPRES on Tuesday in Ghioroc.

The plant, according to the mayor, will be located in Ghioroc’s upcoming industrial park, which will also house three other international businesses.

“Furthermore, a canning factory, a service for freight trucks, and a regional medicine warehouse, which is in the most advanced stage of implementation, will all be there. 15 hectares or so will make up the industrial park “the mayor remarked.

Some 400 tractors would be manufactured annually in the prospective facility, which will be sold primarily in Europe by East, according to Patrick Monac, manager of the coalition of enterprises that would operate in Ghioroc. According to him, the first tractor will leave the factory in October 2023.

“The Middle East and all nations in Eastern Europe will be the primary markets for Romanian production. We will also prepare the plan for the factory that will manufacture gearboxes, hydraulic systems, and trailers this year (2022-nr). In the initial phase, there will be more than a hundred employment locations, and in four to five years, 600 positions will be available. On a ten-acre site, an investment of more than 400 million euros will be made. 1500 tractors have already been ordered, 40 of which are for Romania “Patrick Monaco said.

Given that the factory in Austria is a robotic one, he said that the same company employs 85 people there and produces 400 tractors annually.

In the same press conference, Stefan Putz, the owner of Syn Trac, claimed that the tractor model that will be built in Ghioroc can reach a speed of 110 kph, has distinctive working characteristics, and benefits from patented technology.

“I’ve been creating machines for 30 years now, and they can be found all around the world. These special tractors inspired me to come up with something new because I am a little inventor too. These machines, for instance, don’t have the engine in front as all other machines do; instead, it’s under the floor, which allows us to connect the front and rear mechanisms. Agriculture is changed in 60 seconds into communal labor, clearing woods, or other activities “Stefan Putz adds. AGERPRES/(AS – Marian Buga is the author, Karina Olteanu is the editor, and Andreea Lzroiu is the online editor)

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