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SCAM: IDA app scam in Pakistan.

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Ida-app.com is an unregulated platform that should be avoided. Your investment method is unreliable. Notably, unregulated investment fraud is usually carried out anonymously. Service will inevitably be closed sooner or later. They typically target traders and investors with little or no experience by promising fictitious investment opportunities.

Scam in Pakistan 

It is being heard that an app in Pakistan has done a big scam in which it is being told that Pakistanis have lost 15 billion rupees. A large number of people in Pakistan have invested in this app, which is now unlikely to recover. This matter is being raised on social media and it is being told that this fraud app has scammed Pakistan about 15 billion rupees, the people who invested on this app are now in trouble because Those who were involved in this app are now unable to login and are losing their money

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The IDA is warning member firms and their clients of a new online scam, which not only costs investors their savings, but also manipulates micro-cap stock markets.

There have been a number of complaints from clients that unauthorized trades have taken place in their online accounts. While the IDA is not sure how account access is being obtained, it says the perpetrators of the scheme sell off the client’s holdings as quickly as possible, then use the funds to buy specific securities listed on the OTC Bulletin Board or NASDAQ pink sheets.

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