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Soon, ChatGPT will be able to answer messages from WhatsApp.

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Many people detest texting, and when they have to reply to a text, they become lethargic.  ChatGPT can be helpful in this situation.

According to a report Today, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence program can now respond to WhatsApp messages on your behalf without seeming robotic.

 ChatGPT can create articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry in response to commands. It became publicly available for free in late November thanks to OpenAI, a business founded by Microsoft Corp.
The Meta-owned app doesn’t have a built-in tab for ChatGPT, but users can use GitHub to connect the chatbot with the messaging service.

Users won’t be able to distinguish between a message written by a human and one that was created by a machine once the chatbot has been integrated and is ready to respond to messages on your behalf.
The chatbot powered by AI may be used by users to respond to WhatsApp messages thanks to a Python script created by developer Daniel Gross.

“To use the Python script, you must download a language library from a website that hosts the necessary resources. After opening the “WhatsApp-got-main” file and downloading the language library, you must launch the “server.py” file. This will be the first step in building up  ChatGPT on WhatsApp “stated the article.

“To launch the server, enter “Is” and then press Enter. Once it has begun, choose “python server.py” next. Your phone number will consequently be immediately posted to the OpenAI chat page. You must then click the “Confirm I am a human” box to demonstrate that you are a human and not a robot.” Well, there it was.

After finishing all these steps, users can locate  ChatGPT on their WhatsApp accounts.
Even though this is a fascinating feature, neither OpenAI nor Meta has officially made it accessible on the platforms.

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