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SpaceX releases new animated video of mission to Mars 

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SpaceX released a new promotional video on Monday. This video imagines what the company’s Starship rocket might look like if it ever reaches Mars. And it looks incredible.

Set to a suitably spacey-sounding soundtrack, viewers watch the launch of the spacecraft and the spacecraft heading skyward. This animation shows the first stage rocket separation and return to the launch pad, a feature relatively new to the aerospace community, first achieved in 2015. But it’s the final part of the new video that will be most awe-inspiring to viewers looking forward to traveling to Mars and beyond. A SpaceX spacecraft is seen descending towards the red planet, revealing that we are watching an animation that does not show the first trip to Mars. This video shows what’s possible in the years to come.

Viewers can see what appears to be a human settlement on Mars, complete with multiple landing sites. The full video is available on SpaceX’s YouTube channel. 


This video is enough to get even the most jaded space enthusiast excited about what’s to come.

Could SpaceX, spearheaded by Elon Musk, reach Mars anytime soon? But Musk has made many promises in the past that haven’t always been delivered.

According to Space.com’s latest report, Musk has a lot of people behind him, and many are looking forward to the possibility of his SpaceX conducting his orbital test flight on April 20. increase. This new video is really beautiful. But only time will tell if Mr. Musk can really bring humanity to Mars. Please cross his fingers. 

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