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The OnePlus 12 rumor predicts positive improvements to the camera and display.

by Muhammad Mubashir
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  • According to recent OnePlus 12 rumours, the flagship may soon get a “new gen display” and an improved image sensor for its camera system.
  • A telephoto lens is also mentioned in the rumours, which suggests a new periscope lens.
  • There are also rumours of quicker charging and a “symmetrical design”.

It appears that OnePlus is giving its next flagship a closer look in order to make some significant technological advancements. The new OnePlus 12, which is expected to debut later this year, is the subject of some recent rumours reported by Yogesh Brar on Twitter.

next research indicates that the leaks indicate the OnePlus 12 may ship with an undisclosed, enhanced “new gen display.” The flagship handset is said to have a telephoto lens and a new primary image sensor on the rear. Additionally, rumours about quicker charging and an odd “symmetrical design” circulated, although it’s unclear what the latter would actually imply for the new gadget.

According to Brar, the OnePlus 12 may go on sale in China in December but may not arrive in the rest of the world until “early” Q1 2024. This would be consistent with prior OnePlus launches.

There is currently no information available on how the OnePlus 11’s QHD+ AMOLED display will be improved upon by its successor. A higher refresh rate, perhaps? increased peak brightness?

The OnePlus 12 will probably still have a circular triple camera setup, but it had a 50MP 1.56-inch Sony IMX890 sensor, a 48MP wide-angle lens, and a 32MP 2x optical zoom lens as opposed to the current model’s 32MP. Perhaps the Sony IMX989 sensor, which the Xiaomi 13 Pro uses and has eight aspherical lenses, will be the OnePlus 12’s rumoured sensor update.

The latest rumour from Brar also makes reference to a telephoto lens, but it doesn’t go any farther. However, it might support earlier rumours that the OnePlus 12 will come with a redesigned periscope lens. Additionally, it wouldn’t be the first time that OnePlus has been mentioned as possibly substituting a periscope telephoto lens on one of its flagship devices.

Fast charging for the OnePlus 11 was capable of 100W, but in North America it was reduced to 80W (still good). If the business is inclined to deliver a lift, then hopefully American customers experience one as well.

The OnePlus company has been busy and will have a busy 2023 as we wait for the OnePlus 12. In order to improve the functionality of its OxygenOS 13.1 software, the business recently released a new update to compatible devices. Additionally, the Chinese OEM is getting ready to introduce the OnePlus V Fold, probably in August.

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