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What is the science fiction gadget that is taking the internet by storm, the Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun?

by Noor Zaman
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  • Forget about using water balloons this summer; Xiaomi has a better option. A stylish toy that can soak up water and shoot it with LED activity is called the Mijia Pulse Water Gun.

You’ve probably seen the Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun if you’ve been watching videos on the internet about a sleek white gun that absorbs water and illuminates an indicator to show its level. Xiaomi, known for selling products in unexpected categories like footwear, has recently begun selling beautiful toy guns that appear like they belong in sci-fi movies.

The Mijia Pulse Water Gun mimics Black Manta’s hydro-plasma rifle, which the underwater king Orm gave him, as you can see in the video below. Xiaomi, while not being a company that lives in the sea, does appear to have obtained the design patents for the gun from those aquatic creatures.

Mijia Pulse Water Gun, however, is more than simply a lovely toy. It also has some remarkable qualities that make it entertaining and useful. With a maximum rate of 25 water bombs per second and a range of 7 to 9 meters, it may fire water in three different ways: continuously, singly, or charged. In 10 to 15 seconds, it may also instantly rehydrate by absorbing water from any source. Additionally, a tactical high-definition display that shows the mode and status in real time is included.

Even as a cleaning tool, the Mijia Pulse Water Gun has its uses. You can use it to clean your pet, car, glass, or floor. It contains a 1,800mAh lithium battery and 10W USB Type-C charging is supported. On a single charge, it has a 40-minute continuous runtime.

The Mijia Pulse Water Gun is a component of Xiaomi’s growing line of consumer and home devices. Smart TVs, laptops, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, and other devices are just a few of the ground-breaking goods the company is renowned for producing.

During a crowdfunding campaign that lasted from April 19 to April 26, Xiaomi offered the Mijia Pulse Water Gun for 649 Yuan (about $94). The toy is presently exclusively accessible in China, like the majority of Xiaomi items, however some unauthorised outlets offer it in other countries, such Ali Express, where it is priced for $299 (about Rs 25,000).

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