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WhatsApp rolls out status-based updates.  

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Here are five features updates you should know about

Meta Inc. WhatsApp’s instant messaging platform is due for an update as new status-related features were recently loaded into the service. I list some of them here:

Improved audience selection

Not all statuses published on WhatsApp are suitable for all contacts in your user list. WhatsApp’s updated audience selector gives users the flexibility to select the desired audience for each status update. WhatsApp will save your selection and use it as the default for your next status update.

procedure: WhatsApp -> Status -> Create Post -> Status tab (bottom left) -> Choose from options – My Contacts, My Contacts, Only Share with.

Voice status

WhatsApp adds voice status to status. It allows users to record and share voice messages as their WhatsApp status for up to 30 seconds. Apart from that, WhatsApp also allows users to share photos, texts, videos, and GIFs as statuses.

procedure: WhatsApp -> status -> tap the pen icon in the bottom right -> long-press the microphone button to record and post your voice status.

WhatsApp had given 2 options in its tweet. On 25th feb

state reaction

Similar to message reactions, WhatsApp has added emoji reactions to statuses. This allows users to quickly respond to status updates from family and friends using any of the 8 available emojis. Regular text, voice, and sticker replies are still available.

procedure: WhatsApp -> View someone’s status -> Swipe up on the reply button -> Select an emoji.

status profile ring

WhatsApp’s new status profile ring appears on your contact’s profile icon and helps you discover new statuses posted by users. The new round will appear in your chat list, group participants, and contact information. procedure:

WhatsApp -> chat list/group participants/contact info -> look for the green color to the right of the contact profile icon.

link preview

WhatsApp’s new Link Preview feature for statuses allows users to easily preview links posted by someone on statuses. Links posted on statuses automatically show a visual preview of the link content. B. How to share the link in chat. This makes it easy for users to see what the link is and what they are clicking on. 

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