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Ring, Ring – A very important call comes in, but oops, I forgot where the phone is. Is it in your room or your kitchen? Oh, you left it in the sink again!? It has a link to Windows so you can answer calls from your PC. Click to reply. The day will be saved!

Link to Windows on Galaxy A series phones gives you instant access to your notifications, texts, calls, photos, mobile apps, and screens from your Windows PC. The Galaxy A series brings amazing flagship-like experiences like Link to Windows to more people.

Calls and SMS from PC
One of the best features of Link to Windows is the ability to call and send SMS directly from your PC. When overloaded, you don’t have time to track both devices. Having everything under control from your PC helps you stay productive and focus on what matters most during your busy day. To make a call, pair your phone with your Windows PC via Bluetooth, then click the Calls tab on your PC. The Calls tab has a search bar for finding phone contacts, and you can also view a log of your recent calls. Sending text messages is just as easy. Click the Messages tab to see all your recent conversations just like you would on your mobile phone. Select recipients, enter your message and click Send. You can also copy and paste content such as text and images between your PC and phone and send it as a message. Access your photos on your PC
Constantly emailing his pictures so he can download them to his PC is very cumbersome and unnecessary. Link to Windows simplifies this process by allowing you to access up to 2,000 of your most recent photos stored on your phone from your PC. Just click Photos to see your recent photos and drag and drop the ones you want to your PC.

Mirror your Galaxy screen and use mobile apps on your PC
Another great feature of Link to Windows is the ability to mirror your Galaxy screen to your PC, giving you full access to both devices on one screen. After that, you can use the mobile app on your PC [2]. This can be controlled with a mouse or touchpad. Go to the Apps tab to connect and cast your phone to Windows. This is great if you want to show off your app to a lot of people, or if you have apps to review throughout the day but want access to one simple screen.

Link to Windows is very easy and intuitive to use. Notifications, messages, calls, photos, email, and the entire galaxy are all easily accessible from this screen, so you can work and socialize seamlessly and conveniently on your Windows PC.

Please rate 1 for productivity and 0 for procrastination.

Enjoy Link to Windows and other flagship-like experiences on the Galaxy A series now.


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Awan jee March 4, 2023 - 8:28 pm

Its only for Samsung galaxy a series or all Android smartphone?

DAUD March 8, 2023 - 1:12 pm

only samsung galaxy A series


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