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Xiaomi and Huawei Collaborate on a Significant Patent Deal.

by Noor Zaman
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Huawei and Xiaomi, two of the top smartphone manufacturers in China, have teamed together. After setting behind earlier differences, they have now shook hands on a global patent cross-licensing deal. This agreement will include certain cutting-edge technology, such as 5G.

Alan Fan, who is in charge of Huawei’s intellectual property division, expressed his pleasure in the deal and said that it shows how highly the industry values Huawei’s inventions in the telecommunications industry. He said that this will help the business’s future research into mobile technologies.

These two technological giants have never gotten along. Xiaomi was sued over various tech issues by Huawei, which is currently leading the world in 5G patents. All of it, though, is in the past.

This agreement, according to Xu Ran, general manager of corporate business development and IP strategy at Xiaomi, is a gesture of appreciation for each other’s technical achievements.

Both businesses are vying for the top place in the Apple-dominated premium smartphone market. The Mate 60 Pro series of Huawei’s most recent smartphones is powered by the company’s proprietary Kirin 9000s chipset. This has not only impressed the local Chinese population but also demonstrated China’s technological might in the face of US sanctions.

Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, is highly ambitious. He revealed his goal to surpass Apple last month. Over the following five years, he intends to invest more than $13.7 billion in technological development. A hiring frenzy by Xiaomi may be a sign that it is working on its own fundamental smartphone technology.

Over the past 10 years, Huawei has made significant investments in technological research and development. It has a significant portfolio of patents, and last year alone it made $560 million in patent royalties.

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