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You’ll soon be able to disable full-screen ads on Android.

by Noor Zaman
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Ads are essential for service providers, websites, and applications to make money. Some of them are simple to ignore, but full-screen advertisements that play videos that cannot be skipped on your phone belong to a completely different class of annoyance.

Fortunately, Android 14 will provide a feature that allows you to manually revoke an app’s ability to display full-screen alerts, attempting to fix this problem.

With Android 14, users can toggle on or off the “USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT” permission used by apps to display full-screen notifications. Mishaal Rahman, the former chief editor of XDA Developer, found this.

Apps should have greater problems displaying bothersome full-screen pop-ups if this permission is disabled. It’s crucial to remember that while this permission isn’t the only strategy apps use to serve full-screen adverts, it is one that ad networks may take advantage of.

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In addition to giving users the option to enable or disable this permission, Google has announced a modification to its policy regarding the granting of this permission to apps downloaded through the Play Store. The new policy will go into effect later this year, with the exception of dialer and alarm clock applications, which will continue to automatically obtain this permission because they require it to make calls and set alarms.

The authorization for apps that were installed before updating to Android 14 won’t be automatically revoked by the operating system, which is an important point to remember. Therefore, after updating your phone, you will need to manually alter the settings if you consider that any of these apps should not have this permission.

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