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YouTube is evaluating new tools for podcasters.

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YouTube has announced a test to allow podcasters to “create and measure podcasts in YouTube Studio”. If you’re in this experiment (we’re not), you can upload a podcast, view podcasts, and mark existing playlists as podcasts (presumably so that they appear on the YouTube podcasts homepage, which is a US-exclusive for now). It also adds analytics. It’s another slow step toward podcasts on the platform.

You don’t need the video to be highlighted on YouTube’s podcast homepage, we notice – like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which is just a static thumbnail. On the page, YouTube appears to have

 rolled out v3 of their podcast icon,

Though we frequently communicate with YouTube’s PR, the corporation has not made any mention of its alleged desire to collaborate with the podcast sector (or, indeed, any comms about their podcasting features). We look forward to collaborating with them to ensure that their plans are appropriately communicated.

A new application called Steno FM, which was launched on Friday., now allows users to view podcast transcripts, including live captions. This is an illustration of a recent Buzzcast episode, along with a list of hosts who support transcripts.

Transcripts and captions are supported by the new podcast namespace in the podcast app from Podbean (available for iOS and Android). For an illustration, listen to the Podnews Daily.

Kast Media and Big IP Media have announced a multi-year partnership. Now, the businesses have collaborated on five programs: Star Wars Explained, The Big Thing, The John Campea Show Podcast, Happy Sad Confused, and The John Campea Show Podcast.

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The Podnews Report Card is being filled out by all the top podcasters. Your comments are relayed (anonymously) to the podcast platforms, who use them to determine where to make improvements. If you’re one of the top podcasters and haven’t filled it out yet, we strongly advise that you do so – results at Podcast Movement.

On March 15 in Zürich, the Swiss Podcast Awards will be given out. Also, the organizers have released an app called Swiss Podcasts that only features content from that nation.

The winners of the 3 Podcast Awards were revealed in Austria. Wer nichts weiß, muss alles essen, a podcast that discusses nutrition, agriculture, and animal welfare with the slightly ambiguous title “If you don’t know anything, you have to eat everything,” won the competition.

The Yorkshire Post in England has an interview with the Wakefield, England-based owner of a podcast studio business.

A huge admirer of your show! Might I ask you a question? – If only we experience these, that would be interesting to know.

hiring and moves

Efim Shapiro is now the senior audio engineer for Times Opinion at The New York Times. From Vox, he joins.

The Technology: Using RSS.com


RSS is free. RSI is secure. RSS is trustworthy. Using RSS is easy. RSS is effective. RSS can be expanded. Podcasting is RSS. Obtain your RSS feed from RSS.com or the location where your podcast is hosted.

Cross-app comments for specific podcast episodes are now displayed on the Podcast Index website when they have been turned on by the podcaster. You may hear them on the Podcasting 2.0 podcast.

How frequently do Apple Podcasts appear in AppleCoreMedia user agent requests? These numbers have been updated based on the last 90 days: The source of 63% of all visits to AppleCoreMedia is not Apple Podcasts.

Podbean, Castro, Fountain, Podcast Republic, Moonbeam, Playapod, Pods, Bullhorn, Luminary, Listen to App, and Audible are the other apps that require fixing, according to John Spurlock. Apple Podcasts is now applying the code to avoid using “AppleCoreMedia” as its user agent in specific cases. According to podcast analytics, all those apps look smaller than they should.

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